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Riot Grrrl

Riot Grrrl

Manda. 25.flordia
im a homeless/street kid/gutter punk blog, i try too update as much as possible and just document my street kid life. this is not something i chose but something i have too embrace for the time being.

::Likes::alkaline trio. plaid. drunk nights&& long sober days. DXM. punk rock. beating up boys.queer as folk. pizza. ONTD, nostalgia bombs. cuddling. coffee. the walking dead. movies. netflix. tattoos. cooking. 420. cats. Hello kitty. hair dye. skinny jeans. the color pink. pokemon. horror movies. seting things i love on fire.

soo i haven’t been on here in a while, i don’t have a computer or internet so i gotta go too the library. living in Illinois now and im single as a bat, hmmm. whatever it could be worse, been drunk alot here and stoned every day since i got here (and only bought weed once, i love my friends) although im dying for a cig, ill have too steal one from Dustin later. its no so bad here, i live with some friends and my friends godmother, had a shit ton of interviews and got offered one job, not starting for another week or so tho. blah blah blah, i had the tumblr app on my phone but my phones about too crap out cuz it wont hold a charge so i cant ever use the app. yepp doubt anyone cares but i wrote this anyway, sue me.

just realized ive been with james for five months today…yay! time flies!

another amazing long weekend with the boyfriend….sad too be home without him, but i will see him again in a few days and he will have my new kitten with him! YAY!

me and the roomie lookin all hot for the concert tonightt

telling your ex boyfriends from five years ago how mean too you they were on facebook chat is punk rock.


And I will try…to fix you…

just me and my bros

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walked all around town too get money from western union, grocries, liquor and ciggaretts….all in the pooring rain. i deserve this drink!


i met them last year at their show in dallas and they are comming too nashville in october, i cant wait too see them again, i got drunk as shit with them last time and we became palls

i talked too  Nathan (from the band obv) for like two hours today, hes aweosme and my day was sooo bad but i dont care anymore cause i love my boys <3

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