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Riot Grrrl

Riot Grrrl

Manda. 25.flordia
im a homeless/street kid/gutter punk blog, i try too update as much as possible and just document my street kid life. this is not something i chose but something i have too embrace for the time being.

::Likes::alkaline trio. plaid. drunk nights&& long sober days. DXM. punk rock. beating up boys.queer as folk. pizza. ONTD, nostalgia bombs. cuddling. coffee. the walking dead. movies. netflix. tattoos. cooking. 420. cats. Hello kitty. hair dye. skinny jeans. the color pink. pokemon. horror movies. seting things i love on fire.

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still homeless, got a new best friend boyfriend thing, had too shave my head for an emegency surgery that i had. gonna grow a sweet as mohawk. found a new computer lab that we can sneak into and stay at all night so ill be on here more now! also getting my new phone soon (thanks mom) gotta wait for it too be shipped too the shelter. anyways yeah i need too find more homeless/gutter punk blogs, or is mine the only one ? :(

I lost a bunch of weight being a guttter punk so that’s cool i guessguess

Need more punk blogs to follow!!


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Gutter punk life once again

In the past week i:
1. Almost got murdered by my ex
2. Had to put out my first ever restraning order
3. Good out my uncle died, the only person who was ever there for me
4. Got kicked out of the shelter cause i had thc in my system still even tho i haven’t smoked in 35 days
5. Got accepted in to school for the fall
So im.on.the streets again till august, what a week

staysafexostaystrong asked: Hey so I was searching Abilene tags, and I'm not sure how old the posts were, but do you remember where the abandoned places in your pictures are at?


Its been awhile but it was kinda like over if u were heading too the zoo but last i heard (havent lived there for about a year) they tore them down :( i know a few other places but ill have too ask my ex where they are. Im sad tho that place was awesome

It was hot as balls in Florida today but it was great. Got fun things, havent drank in months so thats my plan for tonight woop and i got a shit ton of dog food so im really happy n dice got a bone, gotta spoil my dog before myself

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