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Riot Grrrl

Riot Grrrl

Manda. 24.Illinois. alkaline trio. plaid. drunk nights&& long sober days. DXM. punk rock. beating up boys.queer as folk. pizza. ONTD, nostalgia bombs. cuddling. coffee. the walking dead. movies. netflix. tattoos. cooking. 420. cats. Hello kitty. hair dye. skinny jeans. the color pink. pokemon. horror movies. seting things i love on fire. pokeball pixels photo: pikachu with pokeball zzzpixelpikachuwithpokeball.gif

It was hot as balls in Florida today but it was great. Got fun things, havent drank in months so thats my plan for tonight woop and i got a shit ton of dog food so im really happy n dice got a bone, gotta spoil my dog before myself


summer is real cute until every fuckin type of insect comes out of the 8th circle of hell

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I fucking love puppies and being homeless made me loose 50lbs nbdp

Homeless update

So i do update much cuz my tumblr app sucks unless im on wifi. Luckly i hang at mcdonalds all day haha anyway me and nate got our camp raided everything besides a few bags thrown away. They en threw away our dogs toys :( So i have no clothes besides a few shirts and my plaid pants.were half living in the woods half living in our frends shed trailer park boys style. But great news is we allmost have enough money for the van we want and were gonna leave flordia, gonna head cross country and eventually make our way to portland to be legit gutter punks for awhile. Also nates sister lives there and ive lived there twice so its a great place for us, fuck flordia!!! Im alot happier than ive been n tho i own nothing and im homeless i got some hope for once


Brian and Justin: Playing with each others hair
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So sexy and adorable at the same time.

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trailer park boys drinking game. →


(add to it if you do so choose)

  • drink when randy says “but mr. lahey!”
  • drink when ricky says “come one, cigarettes, let’s go.”
  • drink when something gets blamed on trevor and corey
  • drink when bubbles talks about kitties
  • drink when ricky talks about community college
  • drink when someone…

Everyone I try to update this my app crashes :(

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